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Embellished Paw Print Only
    Embellished Paw Print with Plaque Paw Print Only Close-up
    Embellished Paw Print Only
    Our embellished paw prints are designed for immediate display as it comes with a gold stand and the pet's first name stamped on the front; A ribbon tied on the top (making it suitable for hanging, ie, Christmas Ornament).

    A choice of two embellishments:
    - Two hearts, or
    - Two bones, or
    - A bone and a heart

    NOTE: Embellishment placements are at the discretion of the paw print artist - the pictures show the approximate placement options, however, if the name is long, the artist may change location of placement.

    Item #: PBS-EMB
    PBS-EHH-X1--Two Hearts
    PBS-EBB-X1--Two Bones
    PBS-EHB-X1--Heart & Bone
    PBS-EMB-PLQ--Embellished Paw Print with Plaque--$125.00

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